Sovereign Grace Churches was founded in 1982 and began with a clear conviction: that churches are stronger together.

In the 1970s a group of young believers, amazed by grace and reading their Bibles with fresh eyes, were captured by the New Testament vision of interdependent congregations. They saw churches existing not in distant association, but in close and vital partnership with one another. This vision then spread to a handful of churches, then to new church plants established across the U.S. Then eventually to churches outside the U.S., through church plants and adoptions, and a truly global family of churches was born.

We have grown both in size and depth over the years. Our commitment to shared theological convictions has been matched to a commitment to gospel-centrality in life and ministry. Our experiences have strengthened our union. Our relationships have matured and our common mission has been fanned into flame.

Today Sovereign Grace Churches are taking shape in 28 different countries around the world, yet with that same common conviction that we had in those early years: that churches are stronger together.