Training Pastors in South Korea


In November 2018, Dave Taylor (Lead Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church, Sydney and Director of Emerging Nations for Sovereign Grace ) and Eric Turbedsky (Lead Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church, Orange) headed over to Seoul, South Korea to spend time with Songhwan Kang (Lead Pastor of Lord’s Grace Church) and his church, Lord’s Grace Church.

Trip highlights…

  • Spending time with Songhwan, Miran and Lord’s Grace Church. Such a grateful, enthusiastic and mature church.

  • Meeting Barnaba, a seasoned Pastor who Songhwan is looking to bring onto his Pastoral Team. A very real answer to many years of prayer.

  • Seeing the way the Church is increasingly embracing evangelism, mission and playing their part beyond their walls in humility and passion.

  • Training over 18 Church Planters who have begun to gather around Songhwan. Dave & Eric were both involved in a two day training school, covering a wide array of questions on all things Church Planting and Sovereign Grace.

It is so exciting to see what God is doing in Seoul through Songhwan and Lord’s Grace Church.

Please pray for this dear Church, that grace may abound to them and that their passion for planting more Churches may only grow stronger. It is truly an honour to have Lord’s Grace Church as part of the Sovereign Grace family.