Caring For Our Own In SE Asia


An update from Mike Seaver, Lead Pastor of Risen Hope Church in Summerville, SC, USA;

Since we planted our church in 2011, we have wanted to paint a picture of God’s heart for the nations for our congregation.  We desired to send gifted, called, and qualified missionaries to serve in the 10/40 Window.  We prayed, “Lord, let us send our best!”

A couple of years into our church plant, our first missionary, yes, one of our best, went to Southeast Asia to serve a mission agency’s office to prepare and assist missionaries all over their country.  Within a couple of years, God stirred a young family who were beloved leaders to go serve in that same country.  

It has been an honor to send financial support, prayers, and “Marco Polo’s” their way, but over the last year, we’ve been stirred to send ourselves.  My wife, Kristin, felt like the Lord was calling the Seaver family to go with our 5 daughters to spend time loving on and refreshing our missionaries.

We asked God to provide a way for us to go and God kindly exceeded our expectations!  After spending nine days with both the family and our single friend, we have a better understanding of what their daily life looks like, and how to pray for them in both their joys and challenges. Our friends who moved there with four small children told us how they were growing weary on the mission field prior to our arrival.  Language study is hard.  A new culture is hard.  Parenting is hard.  On the final day of our trip, they shared with us, “We were weary, but now we are refreshed…thank you for coming!”  The Lord kindly brought refreshment through hours of conversations, children’s laughter, lots of meals, singing, and prayer together.

What an honor to love on and encourage those going to hard places.  May the Lord allow us to “send our best” to the 10/40 window that the nations may be glad in Jesus!  

God bless, Mike Seaver

Seaver Thailand 2019 2.jpeg