Marty Machowski In South Korea


From Marty Machowski, Author & Pastor in Covenant Fellowship Church, PA:

It’s been a delight getting to know Songhwan and his wife Miran from South Korea at our annual pastor’s and wives conference. They were the ones who first alerted me to the fact that my books were being translated by a member of their church into Korean and published in South Korea. To date, four of my books have been translated into Korean and distributed within South Korea among home school families. So, when I got an invitation from the Homeschool Support Center to speak at their annual home school conference it seemed good to me and the elders of Covenant Fellowship that I should accept the invitation, which would also provide an opportunity for me to visit Songhwan’s congregation, Lord’s Grace Church, in Seoul as well as speak at a half dozen other churches in the two week visit.

Spending time with Songhwan and Miran, who gave me a crash course in Korean cuisine, was the best part of my time! The Spirit of God blessed the conference and seminars in the churches I visited. I got the opportunity to share my parenting failures and share my own weaknesses and mistakes as a dad in parenting my children. God used me sharing my challenges publicly to pour out his grace to folks who often feel the need to hide their struggles. One of my translators shared,

While translating the sessions today, I found there were countless moments that I felt God spoke to me on the many areas that I struggled as a pretend-to-be-a-good-father, even to the extent that I lost some of your words while you spoke. I find my family already changing as my wife and I applied what we've learned this evening. We almost told to ourselves, ‘Are these kids the same ones we had yesterday?’ As you took the journey up to this point with your six kids under God's Grace, I also find confidence, not on me but on His promise, that I will run the race with great excitement.”

 I’m looking forward to see what future opportunities will come to partner with our brothers and sisters in South Korea as the Homeschool Support Center is planning to translate two more of my books this coming year.