India Trip - January 2019


From Todd Peterson, Pastor in Cross of Grace Church, El Paso, Texas…

It was my privilege to travel to India at the beginning of the year to visit several pastors in their home villages to better understand their ministries and to better understand if and how Sovereign Grace could partner with them in the gospel.  As those of you who have traveled internationally understand, even though you may be going to discuss partnership, the majority of your time is spent doing ministry alongside these pastors in their context to the people God has given them.  Whether it was an outdoor night “gospel” service in the streets of Gundugolanu, Andhra Pradesh with pastor Jayaprakash Ravuri, a pastors prayer meeting in Puritigadda, Andhra Pradesh with pastor Suresh Vemulapalli or a pastors and wives meeting in Shillong, Meghalaya, with pastor Alpha Syiem, it was wonderful to see all of the ways God is working through the gospel to redeem people from all over India to Himself, and in most cases away from the clutches of Hinduism (picture above).  

I was also able to meet many of the pastors that are associated with both Jayaprakash and Suresh’s ministries and hear their stories as well an understand their needs and pray for them.  In many cases I was able to visit their churches and learn how God had built their churches in those villages, many times in miraculous ways.  I believe that God also gave us clarity and one mind with the pastors I visited as to how to move forward with Sovereign Grace Churches and what partnership opportunities may be available. 

We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us as we partner together in the gospel with these pastors in India!!

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