Parramatta Launch Team Gathers

LTM 1.jpg

From Riley Spring, Church Planting Intern in Sovereign Grace Church, Sydney…

I am excited to announce that we have raised up a team of 28 men and women along with 15 kids to be the Launch Team for our upcoming church plant. We will be planting into an area of Sydney called ‘Parramatta’, which is 25 minutes down the road from our home church, Sovereign Grace Church Sydney. It is a strategic area because of its rapid growth, its proximity to the sending church, and there is much need for more gospel preaching, gospel celebrating churches in the area. 

My wife, Maddison and I joined the church in Sydney in 2013 after we moved into the area. We now have three children, Evie (6), Jasper (4), and Judah (9 weeks!). When I first joined the church, I spoke with Dave Taylor and shared with him my sense of calling to pastoral ministry and a desire for church planting. Dave began mentoring me, giving me opportunities to preach, and lead, and eventually brought me onto their Core Team. In all that time, the team was assessing whether I was called to ministry and specifically to serving with Sovereign Grace in Australia as a church planter. By God’s grace, we passed the test and our church raised the finances to send us to the Pastors College in 2017/18. They have now taken me on as an intern to prepare me for the church plant and to complete my ordination. We now feel as though we are an in position where we are ready to transition to leading this new team and begin a new gospel venture in Parramatta.

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In the very first service of Sovereign Grace Church Sydney on September 5th 2010, Dave Taylor prayed for their first church plant, asking the Lord to make it happen! Now, God willing, Sovereign Grace Church Parramatta will launch in September 2019, 9 years later! In the next 6 months, the launch team will meet weekly for training, fellowship, and equipping for the task ahead. 

Would you please pray for:

  • Myself, my wife, and kids, and the members of the Launch Team, that God would unify us, equip us, and protect us for the journey ahead.

  • For many new disciples to be made in Parramatta

  • For a location for our church plant to meet in. 

  • For the finances to fund our venture. I will be going down from full-time to 3 days a week to ease the financial burden on the budget, so please pray for provision of work for me, and the ability to go full-time as soon as possible.