Ante Su Palabra Conference in Argentina


Thanks so much for praying for Joselo Mercado and the Ante Su Palabra Conference in Buenos, Argentina last month. Here’s a quick update from Joselo on how it went. Joselo, thank for doing all that you do to make much of Christ my friend!! …

Just came back from Argentina.  Very encouraging time. I was able to translate for John Piper in the Ante Su Palabra Conference, and there were over 1,000 people and thousands watching over the internet.  

I was able to spend significant time with Pastor John and was very much affected by his evident love for Christ that is fuelled by his view of Christ as the greatest treasure.  

It was very encouraging to be approached by over two dozen people at the conference to thank me for sermons, articles or interviews that have affected their lives. Also, two pastors came to encourage me, each one with a story of people getting saved by a sermon I preached two years ago in Argentina.

So encouraging. All glory be to God.