Gospel Partnership With Moore Theological College


From Brendan Willis, Pastor in Sovereign Grace Church of Sydney, Australia…

Last week I had the privilege of meeting with Dr Simon Gillham who is the head of the Missions Department of Moore Theological College. Moore College is Australia’s largest Evangelical Bible college which has made a wonderful contribution to the kingdom of God by training men and women for gospel ministry over many many years. Many notable authors from Moore Theological College such as Graeme Goldsworthy and P.T. O’Brien have served pastors in Sovereign Grace Churches through their writings over decades. 

Moore College has for many years offered a course to congregation members of Australian churches called the Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC). The PTC is a wonderful course that is usually completed by correspondence over 6-18 months and is aimed at improving the theological education level of average Christians in churches. PTC covers a range of topics from Biblical Theology to Doctrine, Church History to Ethics with multiple subjects on the New Testament and Old Testament and has been completed by tens of thousands of Aussie Christians over the years. Due to its success in Australia and beyond, the Moore College Centre for Global Missions (CGM) have been looking to make PTC available to Christians across the globe who may have limited access to theological education. In order to do this they’ve invested a huge amount of money to produce an online version of the course, to fund its translation into many languages and to create a phone app that allows you to access the course in places that have limited internet access.

When I met with the team at Moore College just over a year ago and explained what God has been doing through Sovereign Grace Churches around the globe they expressed their excitement about the possibility of partnering with us! Due to their incredible heart for the nations they have now formally offered to allow us to use this amazing online resource in all of our global churches practically for free. We’re planning on including some additional subjects that reflect our shared values and calling it the 'Sovereign Grace Churches Theological Certificate’. We’re hoping that over the coming months we will be able to make this course available to both pastors and congregation members in SGC around the globe!

Would you join with me in thanking God for the amazing generosity of Simon Gillham and the team at Moore Theological College!