Reaching The Unreached In SE Asia


Not all of the pioneering work of Sovereign Grace Churches can be reported openly and easily. For some their work is in countries “closed” to the Gospel and so the reporting of such has to be discreet, as is the case with the following update…

I recently spoke with our team leader in SE Asia and here’s what he very kindly gave me to share with you…

“Just under three years ago now a cross-cultural ministry team from Sovereign Grace Churches was able to launch into a Buddhist majority country in South East Asia.  Over the past year, two new families from Sovereign Grace were sent and added to us as an existing family on the field.  All the team members have now been growing in language and cultural studies as well as learning how to effectively minister in this new cultural context.  As a team we’ve also been able to make exploratory trips to a region of this country where we aim to serve a large unreached people group. God-willing, we hope to move to this region in the near future.”

“Would you please pray for continued unity of the team as well as open doors of ministry among the unreached people group that we hope to minister to in the future?  And would you please pray that God would continue to raise up more workers from Sovereign Grace, as well as indigenous workers for this field?”

My friends, we may not be able to post you their names, but may we all be standing with them and carrying them in our hearts to the One who knows everything about them. May His grace truly abound to this team in this great endeavour.

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