Second Trip To Cuba


From Carlos Contreras, Pastor of Iglesia Cristiana Gracia Soberana in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico:

During our second trip to Cuba I had the joy of being joined by Joselo Mercado to meet with Havana Pastors Eddy Cambria and Juan Viñeta who have requested Sovereign Grace adoption. Our desire this trip was to explain the essence of the foundational values on which Sovereign Grace churches are built.

It was humbling to see the desire of these men to see their churches be built similarly. They have been investigating SGC for the last 3 years and are eager to one day be a part of our family of churches. Joselo and I returned with a sense of being tied together to these men.


We were also joined by my friend Ulises Vallin and his wife Raquel. Ulises was born in Cuba but left in his early 20’s and has lived in Spain for the last 15 years or so, where he became a Christian and met and married his wife. Ulises and Raquel have a vision to move to Havana to plant a church with Sovereign Grace. Ulises is a longtime friend with Eddie and Juan who are encouraging him to plant.

I would say that the highlight of the trip was being able to meet for a whole day with these men and their wives and two other interested pastors and their wives for a time of sharing about our understanding of Biblical Fellowship as a primary element for building the church. It was humbling to see how something so basic and significant in the lives of SG churches for decades can be such an eye-opener for them. As we talked there were tears, vulnerable transparency and laughs being shared. It was truly a Holy moment.