Emerging Nations - Meet The Team

One of the things I get asked at different times is just, “How do you do it all? I mean with stuff going on in 27 different countries, across 6 different continents, just how do you do it all?”, and my honest answer to that is, “I don’t”.

In God’s kindness I get to work with a team of wonderfully able, skilled and servant hearted men, who work ‘together’ with me to seek to establish and support indigenous Sovereign Grace churches and partnerships around the world.

I’m eager for you to meet them so that you can recognise them, give thanks to God for them and be praying for them, and so here goes…

_E_15610 2.jpeg

Dave Taylor

Sydney, Australia

Area: Global - Director


Andrew Leung

Sydney, Australia

Area: Global - Assistant to Dave Taylor


Brendan Willis

Sydney, Australia

Area: Global - Theology

eric (1).jpg

Eric Turbedsky

Orange, California, USA

Area: Asia-Pacific


Lynn Baird

Pasadena, California, USA

Area: Philippines


Dave York

Roseburg, Oregon, USA

Area: Philippines


Erik Rangel

Yuma, Arizona, USA

Area: India


Todd Peterson

El Paso, Texas, USA

Area: India

Doug Hayes Headshot 2017.jpeg

Doug Hayes

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Area: Africa

LHC 32.jpeg

Ben Kreps

Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA

Area: Africa


Brian Chesemore

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Area: Africa


Nathan Smith

Bristol, UK

Area: Europe

CCA Color Red2.jpeg

Carlos Contreras

Juárez, Mexico

Area: Mexico & Central America

CONCICLIOTGC-11_preview 2.jpeg

Joselo Mercado

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Area: Latin America

Bert higher resolution.jpeg

Bert Turner

Copley, Ohio, USA

Area: Brazil


Kalib Wilkinson

Dallas, Texas, USA

Area: Global - Region TBC

I thank God so much for each of these men!!