Things To Pray For In April


Like with this car, if we’re going to keep moving forward on this journey, then we’re going to need a miracle. We’re going to need much wisdom, much grace, much insight and much favour, and so here’s a few things that we can be praying for in the month ahead...

  1. Please pray for Joselo Mercado (Senior Pastor of Gracia Soberana, Gaithersburg, MD) and Kalib Wilkinson (Pastor in Grace Church Frisco, TX) as they head to Colombia, 12th-14th April, to continue building relationally with two key pastors; one from Colombia and the other from Venezuela. Please pray that they’d love these pastors, their churches and countries well, and that God would give them much wisdom and discernment as they consider next steps with both of these dear brothers. Please also pray for the political scene in Venezuela, understanding how difficult things are there at this time. 

  2. Please pray for Lynn Baird (Pastor in Sovereign Grace Church, Pasadena, CA ), Dave York (Senior Pastor of Covenant Life Fellowship, Roseburg, OR) and Myself as we head to the Philippines, 26th April - 5th May. Whilst there we will be preaching at the Church of the Chief Shepherd Leadership Summit in Manila, on the first weekend. We’ll then be relocating to Cebu to run our second ever Sovereign Grace Churches Philippines Pastors Conference, and so please pray for us and the 80+ delegates that are planning to attend that conference. All these delegates are pursuing partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches and so please pray that this conference is a blessing and encouragement to everyone in attendance.

  3. Please pray for the Emerging Nations Church Planting Committees as we begin to process new Church Planting opportunities in Bolivia and Ethiopia, as well as continuing to move forward with other already agreed upon  opportunities in Australia and Brazil. We are so in need of His wisdom and leading in this as we move forward together, with at least four church plants on the cards for late 2019/2020.

  4. Please pray for Brendan Willis (Pastor in Sovereign Grace Church, Sydney, Australia) as he continues to liaise with Moore Theological College in the putting together of our Sovereign Grace Theological Certificate, specifically designed for our Global Partners, particularly those who can sometimes struggle to get good theological training in their countries. This could be such an important piece for the establishment of Sovereign Grace Churches in other countries and so please pray for this endeavour. 

  5. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Liberia. Below is the Church Plant facility that Eric Turbedsky (Senior Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Orange, CA) spoke at just a few weeks ago. There was a storm after we left and the building, which also houses a school that they run, completely collapsed. Sovereign Grace Churches have been able to supply the finances to rebuild this before the rains come, which is wonderful news, but they’re still going to need to actually make the rebuild happen. Please pray for Pastor William for grace and peace in this, as well as for speediness for the workers, and that God shows would show them all much favour in this as they begin to rebuild. 

Another month on and yet the same wonderful and faithful God. For all of us then, may we always ‘keep looking up’.