Gospel Partnership in Liberia, West Africa


In 2012 Dyonah Thomas (Lead Pastor of Grace Life Church & Founder of Grace Network) heard the song “Let Your Kingdom Come” by Bob Kauflin. He loved it and wanted to know the story behind it, and that led him to Sovereign Grace Churches. Over the past few years our friendship has been deepening. I have had the privilege of mentoring Dyonah and so in heading on this trip I had high hopes of what we would find in and in every way this trip did not disappoint!

In March of 2019 Eric Turbedsky (Senior Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Orange, CA), Ben Kreps (Senior Pastor of Living Hope Church, PA) and Myself, got on a plane and made the trip Monrovia (Liberia, West Africa). Dyonah is himself a Lead Pastor and Church Planter, having planted 8 churches in Liberia. He also leads a Bible College with over 85 students and is eager, as are we, to work out what partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches would look like in Liberia & other nations in West Africa. That’s why going on this trip was so important to us and so we attended with eager anticipation.


Over the week we had the privilege of teaching at the Bible College. Over 100 Students and Pastors had come in from Liberia & other countries in West Africa. During that time we had the privilege of teaching on ‘The Life & Ministry of Jesus’ and ‘The Life & Ministry of the Pastor’. In addition we had the privilege of speaking at Dyonah’s Church and a couple of his Church Plants on the Sunday, aswell as get to know the Eldership of Grace Life Church, a very special and dear group of men. 

Please pray for this dear Church and this group of Churches going forward. They are eager to partner with us, as we are with them, and so please pray for us in this new initiative and endeavour. It is truly an honour to be involved with Grace Life Church and Grace Network.