Sovereign Grace Sydney - Annual Retreat


Our annual Church Retreat is always one of the highlights of the year for our Church and without doubt, this year was no exception. In fact, the whole weekend was totally life-changing for our Church!

This year we had the privilege of having Mark Prater (Executive Director of Sovereign Grace Churches) as our keynote speaker. He was also joined by 12 folk from the Covenant Fellowship Church, PA, Prophecy Team and together, God used them in mighty ways to serve our Church.

The timing was wonderful, being just a month before we waved off the Church Planting team of Sovereign Grace Church of Parramatta. But it was the content that impacted us so much.

2019-08-12 12.30.59 3.jpg.jpg

The theme for the weekend was ‘Delighting in the Spirit’, a theme that was at least ‘experientially new’ for so many folk in attendance. Whilst everyone in our Church has had the conviction that the gifts of the spirit are for today, so many have never really seen them operate in terms of gifts like prophecy, words of wisdom & knowledge, healing and the like. For some time then there has been a hunger in our Church, but being new to it all there’s also been many understandable questions like how do they work? And when? What is appropriate? And what does all this actually look like?

After a weekend of teaching, discussion and practice, all those questions were answered and many, many lives were changed. It has lit a fire in our Church that has been truly life-changing for us, with so many folk now eagerly pursuing gifts of the Spirit and finding themselves even more amazed with Jesus and hungry for Him than they were before. 


A BIG thank you then to Mark Prater, Bill & Ramona Doyle, Martin Keeney, Jocelyn Whitpan, Everett & Laurie Petit, Doug Gardner, Rick Orlando, Jeannie, Lia & Dan Welch. God has done a wonderful work through each of you and so thank you so much for making the trip!!

If you’re keen to see more and would like to see some highlights of our Retreat then please check out the video below.